Another tight access stump removal job in Canterbury

tight access stump removal in Canterbury

It seems that recently we have been carrying out more tight access stump removals than ever at Proleaf Pty Ltd. This job was an interesting one as the property was quite large but the stumps were in a hard to reach spot. Although we would have preferred to use our large machine, this was a job for our small, tight access stump grinder!

As we work in the tree stump removal business, we often work alongside other tree service companies or Arborists, carrying out stump removals on a subcontract basis. This tree stump removal job in Canterbury was a job from Josh Mcdowell at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. We often work with Josh, helping him out with any of his hard to access stump removals. Yarra Eco Pty Ltd carried out the tree removals as well as some tree pruning on-site and we showed up in the afternoon to carry out the stump removals.

The job involved removing approximately ten Frangipani stumps as deep as possible to allow for replanting. The stumps were located along the back fence line of the property tucked behind a tennis court. There were several challenges we had to overcome to get our machine to the tree stumps including protecting some nice paving and traversing down some large steps.

Once we made it to the location of the Frangipani stumps with our stump grinding equipment, we proceeded with preparing the site to start work. This included digging out and moving all of the irrigation pipes out of the way and moving some existing shrubs that we replanted after the job was completed. Sometimes we prefer to move plants and shrubs out of harm’s way before we start, this stops any unwanted damage to our client’s plants!

The job was completed in approximately 3 hours from start to finish. This included re-laying all of the irrigation pipes, replanting the shrubs and giving the work site a good clean up.

Thanks again to Josh at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd for inviting us to work on this project, it’s always a pleasure to come and work with you on your tight access stump removal projects.