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So, you have a tree stump that you need to get rid of? You have found the right people! Proleaf Pty Ltd specialises in all things stump removal in Footscray. We carry out several different stump removal techniques such as stump grinding, stump grubbing, stump cutting and more in the 3011 postcode. We are a local company and work all over the northern suburbs of Melbourne removing tree stumps of all shapes and sizes. You can be 100% sure that our team are highly knowledgeable, professional and show up with a smile too.

We carry out lots of stump removal works in Footscray for many different types of clients. Not only do we work for residential homeowners, but we also work for local authorities, councils, developers and more. Our stump grinders use the latest technology to remove tree stumps safely, efficiently with minimal impact to the surrounding area. Whether you are looking to replant some veggies or renovate your garden, we can remove tree stumps to suit your needs.

You may have tried tackling a tree stump yourself and it’s not easy work. Our team of expert stump removalists in Footscray haven’t come across a stump that they couldn’t remove. Yes, we have never been ‘stumped’ before! We can mulch stumps down to whatever depth you need and leave the site nice and tidy too. Call or email us any time and we will be more than happy to assist you with your project in Footscray. We usually can provide a quote instantly over the phone but sometimes we may have to swing by and have a quick look at the job. If you have any questions regarding the stump removal process or how much it costs, feel free to give us a shout.

Stump removal services offered in Footscray include:

stump remover

We like to think of our stump grinding company as small enough to care yet big enough to deliver. You can be confident knowing we have the machinery and experience to tackle your stump removal project in Footscray. We like to serve our customers with a smile as well as deliver at an affordable rate too.

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Dave Gerhardsen

Area Manager for Footscray 3011

Why choose Proleaf Pty Ltd for your stump removal in Footscray?

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What our clients say...

We have completed several stump removal projects in Footscray recently for Simonds Group, they have built hundreds of houses around Beech Street and Carmody Way.

One place we visit regularly in Footscray for brunch or coffee is Pod Cafe. They have an amazing menu and the staff are incredibly friendly. Watch out though, it gets super busy at the weekend!

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