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If you need a tree stump gone yesterday then you are certainly looking at the right stump removal company. Proleaf can grub out, grind or extract any size stump in any situation on your property in Moonee Ponds, fast. Our services in Moonee ponds include expert stump removal, chemical stump poisoning, stump grinding and more. We are a real local business serving real local clients. You can be sure that your stump removal is in safe and professional hands. 

We are always in and out of Moonee Ponds, mostly drinking coffee but sometimes working, or doing both. Our team are all trained to the highest of standards, we are insured to the max and we also have a few qualifications under our belt too.  Who said small businesses aren’t a great option? 

If you are in need of a quick turnaround on stump removal in Moonee Ponds 3039 then you are in luck. We’ll provide you with an instant estimate via phone or email unless you’d like us to come and have a look first. Tree stumps can be really tricky to remove in some situations but it’s simply what we do, all day every day. Feel free to give us a shout, our team will always be happy to assist you.

Our tree stump removal services in Moonee Ponds include:

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You won’t find a local stump removal company with more experience and knowhow than us. You can count on us being local, trusted stump grinding experts even if it’s a tough job. Our prices are fair, our service is prompt and professional, we can’t say much more than that!

Dave our moonee ponds manager

Dave Gerhardsen

Area Manager for Moonee Ponds 3039

Why choose Proleaf Pty Ltd for your stump removal in Moonee Ponds?

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What our clients say...

If you reside in the Moonee Valley area and shop regularly on Puckle Street, be sure to visit our friends over at the Puckle Street Pharmacy, they’ll help you out if you need anything in that department.

Also, if you are keen cyclist or walker, don’t forget the Capital City Trail passes through Moonee Ponds!

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