Root Pruning & Root Grinding Services Melbourne

Tree roots can cause major issues with buildings, lawns and underground pipes if they are not managed correctly. At Proleaf we offer a full root pruning, root grinding and root removal service in Melbourne. Commonly, roots need to be pruned for driveway construction, building projects and pipe-laying activities. Tree roots must be carefully assessed to determine what size of root can be pruned, how the pruning will be carried out and what the impact on the remaining trees will be.

Our fully qualified Arborists can carry out root pruning tasks, works within the canopy drip-line and minimise the impact of works on the surrounding trees. We can work alongside consultant arborists to ensure roots are pruned to Australian Standards and the specifications required. Root grinding in Melbourne may be suitable depending on the task at hand, especially if the tree(s) have been removed already.

Before We Start Root Pruning

surface roots that require pruning

Root pruning can have severe effects on neighbouring trees and vegetation so it is important for us to carry out a full site assessment before carrying out any works. One of the first things we like to find out is, why do the roots need pruning and what are we trying to achieve. This will enable us to see what is physically possible and what pruning method we will use.

If there is no tree standing, we can proceed by stump grinding and then grinding the roots too. If the works are in the drip-line of a tree, we need to consider the health of the tree and the integrity of the proposed remaining roots. Once we are clear on what the job entails and what specifications we are pruning too, we can then proceed with the works. We will set up a full worksite including bollards and hazard tape, make sure we are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment and commence the root pruning works.

How We Prune Tree Roots

As mentioned above, the method that we use to remove or prune roots depends on whether there is a tree involved. For instance, if the roots are remaining from an old tree that is no longer there, we can proceed with our stump grinding machine and grind the roots into mulch. This may be to remove roots from lawns or to clear roots that have caused damage to paving or foundations. It may also be to remove roots from flower beds or gardens to enable replanting.

In other cases where we are pruning the roots of a live tree for a construction or development project, we use root pruning methodology outlined by Australian Standards AS4970. Pruning or cutting large roots on living trees needs to be carried out by an expert Arborist. We have fully qualified and experienced Arborists in our root pruning team who can advise on what’s best when it comes to root pruning in Melbourne. We are also happy to work in conjunction with project managers or consultant arborists to discuss the best tree protection methodologies when working within the root zone of trees.

As root pruning needs to be carried out carefully, almost like surgery, we will usually prune by hand with a sharp handsaw or chainsaw. We can also use a disc cutter to cut larger roots surrounded by soil. Before pruning any roots on a living tree, we usually recommend that they are exposed by air-spade or hydro-excavation. This enables us to see what we are working with without cutting into any roots with a spade or an excavator. We commonly prune roots for root barrier installation or for projects that require construction in the drip-line of trees. We also work closely with some utility companies installing underground pipes or cables where root pruning is required in Melbourne.

The amount or size of roots that can be cut or removed varies greatly depending on location and species. Most Melbourne construction site projects will have arborist reports written that outline how much root pruning can be carried out. We can work to these reports, monitor our works and provide reports on what works were carried out.

Root Pruning Experts In Melbourne

If you have a project that requires root pruning then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to look over site plans, make recommendations and physically carry out all aspects of root pruning or removal. Root cutting can have serious health and safety impacts on remaining trees. It is best to seek advice when working under or around the canopies of existing trees or digging in the root-zone. This will avoid any tree health or stability issues for the future of the trees on the project.

Our Other Services

At Proleaf we offer several different types of stump removal. The type of machine and work methodology can vary greatly depending on the size of the stump(s), the size of the project, the access to the worksite and if underground utilities are present.

There are many reasons a stump may need to be removed and this also plays a part when deciding which machine or removal technique we will use. In most cases we will book in an appointment and provide a free written quotation on site.

Large stump grinder cutting wheel

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is our most common stump removal technique. We have several different size machines from a small pedestrian stump grinder to a large tracked diesel grinder. Our small pedestrian stump grinder is perfect for small stumps in backyards or hard to reach places, this machine can be lifted into place by hand if necessary. Our bigger machines are more suited to large stumps or work on construction sites.

Tree stump before grubbing

Stump Grubbing

In some cases, depending on the size of the stump(s) and the worksite, grubbing the stumps out or digging maybe the best option. If it is a large construction site, we can bring in one of our excavators on site to dig out stumps depending on the specifications of the job.There are some stumps that cannot be accessed by machine and are small enough to dig out by hand. It’s definitely not our first choice of work methodology but sometimes it’s needs must!

Tree Stump Marked to prevent trip hazard

Stump Poisoning

Stump poisoning is not an effective way to remove stumps quickly however it will prevent trees or shrubs from regrowing after being cut to ground level. When poison is applied to a stump it will kill off the root system and slowly break it down over time. This can be a good option if the site is hard to access and there is no immediate need to remove the stump. We can provide this service and we are happy to provide free advice regarding tree stump poisoning.

Arborist Climber removing an olive tree removal

Tree Removal

Unfortunately tree removal is sometimes necessary if a tree is diseased, dangerous or just too big for the space. Our expert team of climbing Arborists can remove any tree in any location, safely and efficiently. Whether you have a small or large tree that needs to be removed, our team can be of assistance.

arborists pruning tree service

Tree Pruning

Looking to get your trees trimmed, pruned and looking good? No problem. We always prefer to reccomend tree pruning over tree removal if its possible. Our team of qualified arborists can prune, shape or trim your trees to exactly the way they need to be. Big trees or small, we can do it all.