Our Tree Pruning Services In Melbourne

Are you looking for a professional, affordable and efficient tree pruning service near you? Our team of professional arborists offers a comprehensive tree pruning service carrying out tree pruning, tree trimming, tree lopping, and branch removal in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. There are many reasons that your trees may need to be pruned including pruning for view, pruning for security reasons, trimming to clear other shrubs or plants, or lopping to clear branches from your property.

If it’s your tree or an overhanging tree from your neighbors, one of our tree services team can provide the best advice as to what the best thing to do for the tree and your needs. Of course, in today’s climate retaining trees rather than tree removal is ideal and that’s where our tree cutting service can help keep your trees looking great but not causing a nuisance too.

arborists pruning tree service

Tree Height Reduction

When it comes to reducing the height or trimming the tops of trees, it has to be done correctly and for good reason too. Some trees take to pruning better than others so it is important to be clear on what you are trying to achieve when pruning treetops. Leaving a tree to grow and do its own thing is certainly preferable but not all trees grow in a way that is safe for the urban environment. Reducing the risk of a tree falling in certain situations is a necessary part of owning and managing trees, preventing any risk of damage to people and property.

Some trees such as fruit trees like Olive trees, lemon trees, and other varieties respond very well to having their tops chopped off and this is usually done for good reason, to make the tree accessible for fruit production. With other trees such as Eucalyptus or Oak trees, pruning the tops is not always ideal due to the ongoing maintenance that is required however as we mentioned before if the tree has defects or has targets underneath, reducing the weight from the top of the tree can be necessary. Another reason that we may choose to reduce the height of a tree is if the roots have been compromised by digging or excavation operations underneath the canopy. Our main role as arborists who prune trees is to find value for our clients whilst still retaining good canopy cover as well as looking after the health of the tree.

tree topping trimming height of tree

Tree Canopy Weight Reduction

Similar to reducing the height of trees, reducing the spread or the weight of certain branches are sometimes necessary too. Some trees are used to growing in amongst thousands of other trees in the forest and are naturally designed to grow straight up towards the sky. When they grow in the urban environment they get the opportunity for the branches to spread out and become elongated, these branches can pose a threat to people or property if they are not inspected or weight reduced to prevent failure. We’re not saying that all heavy tree branches will fail however having a fully qualified Arborist or tree professional look at your trees and advise you on what tree pruning works should be carried out is a smart thing to do.

Depending on the species of the tree is how we would approach the management or pruning of your tree. Some trees can be pruned or reduced heavily and bounce back very well such as a London Plane tree however some trees are a lot more sensitive. In most cases, we can find a happy balance between keeping your tree safe without compromising the structural integrity.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit tree pruning goes against a lot of the technical pruning skills we are taught as Arborists but of course, there’s a reason for that. One of the main considerations that we take into account when pruning fruit trees is fruit production. Fruit trees need to be easily accessible for harvest as well as having a strong, compact form to hold the weight of fruit. This is why generally fruit trees will be pruned heavier than most trees during the dormant season to ensure an optimal crop when it comes to fruiting season.

Cherry trees, Plum trees, and Apple trees are all very hardy species in the right environment and can take a very heavy prune once every couple of years. You’ll notice that in a commercial fruit growing environment, the fruit trees are pruned to the same size and shape, this makes it easier for the machinery or pickers at harvest time. At Proleaf Pty Ltd we have a long list of clients that call us to maintain their fruit trees at certain times of the year this includes pollarding olive trees, thinning apple trees, and all other types of fruit trees to ensure there is good airflow and good light penetration.

Property Clearance Pruning

Often medium-size or large trees can overhang properties, buildings, or houses in the urban environment with little to no impact. Although there are some downsides to having trees too close to the house. One of the most common reasons that we clear trees away or property clearance prune trees is to stop leaves from entering people’s gutters. Leaves in gutters can cause expensive problems for property owners and require a good balance of regular gutter cleaning as well as tree pruning too. This is where sometimes the wrong tree in the wrong place can prove a problem.

Another issue with having trees too close to the house is creating a bridge or an access point for unwanted critters such as Rats or Possums. Although these animals can certainly jump a long way or find other ways to access rooftops, keeping the trees pruned back can discourage them from considering a new home on the roof of your house.

Lastly, trees swaying around in the wind or getting too heavy in the rain can cause unwanted damage or markings on properties. They can also make a lot of unwanted noise when branches are rubbing against buildings. We recommend maintaining your trees at least 1 meter from any walls or lights on your property, keeping them pruned to this distance can save a lot of unnecessary costs further down the line.

Deadwood Removal

Dead branches or deadwood is common in most trees and is usually nothing to worry about in terms of tree health. However, deadwood can pose a threat to any targets below the tree including people and property. As a responsible tree owner, it is encouraged to have the deadwood or dead palm fronds removed from your trees to ensure the safety of everyone that may pass underneath your tree’s canopy. This also goes for any hanging or hung-up branches that need to be removed or pruned to stop them from falling on anything. We encourage our clients to remove all large deadwood from their trees to prevent the risk of falling and their trees look better in general with the deadwood removed. If your tree has a lot of deadwood it’s best to consult an Arborist because there may be underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Branch Removal

Removing tree branches or otherwise referred to as tree lopping is removing specific branches to suit a certain purpose. One type of tree branch removal that we carry out often is called a crown lift, crown raise, or an uplift. Uplifting or crown raising is where lower tree limbs are removed to increase the distance between the ground and the canopy. This can be carried out to improve clearance to pedestrians, lawnmowers, or other plants and shrubs. It also can allow more light penetration to understory plants or gardens that are shaded by the lower branches of a tree. By cutting the lower branches off can also make a large difference to the aesthetics of a tree, showing off the main trunk. Crown lifting or removing lower branches can be an excellent way to improve the general appearance of a tree without topping or causing detrimental effects to the overall health.

Our Other Services

At Proleaf we offer several different types of stump removal. The type of machine and work methodology can vary greatly depending on the size of the stump(s), the size of the project, the access to the worksite and if underground utilities are present.

There are many reasons a stump may need to be removed and this also plays a part when deciding which machine or removal technique we will use. In most cases we will book in an appointment and provide a free written quotation on site.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is our most common stump removal technique. We have several different size machines from a small pedestrian stump grinder to a large tracked diesel grinder. Our small pedestrian stump grinder is perfect for small stumps in backyards or hard to reach places, this machine can be lifted into place by hand if necessary. Our bigger machines are more suited to large stumps or work on construction sites.

Tree stump before grubbing

Stump Grubbing

In some cases, depending on the size of the stump(s) and the worksite, grubbing the stumps out or digging maybe the best option. If it is a large construction site, we can bring in one of our excavators on site to dig out stumps depending on the specifications of the job.There are some stumps that cannot be accessed by machine and are small enough to dig out by hand. It’s definitely not our first choice of work methodology but sometimes it’s needs must!

Tree Stump Marked to prevent trip hazard

Stump Poisoning

Stump poisoning is not an effective way to remove stumps quickly however it will prevent trees or shrubs from regrowing after being cut to ground level. When poison is applied to a stump it will kill off the root system and slowly break it down over time. This can be a good option if the site is hard to access and there is no immediate need to remove the stump. We can provide this service and we are happy to provide free advice regarding tree stump poisoning.

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Root Pruning

Similar to tree stumps, tree roots can be just as problematic. They may be impeding on construction projects, surfacing on lawns or be a tripping hazard. We offer a full root pruning service by qualified arborists. We can grind the roots with our root grinding machinery or dig them out depending on the desired results.

Arborist Climber removing an olive tree removal

Tree Removal

Unfortunately tree removal is sometimes necessary if a tree is diseased, dangerous or just too big for the space. Our expert team of climbing Arborists can remove any tree in any location, safely and efficiently. Whether you have a small or large tree that needs to be removed, our team can be of assistance.