Stump Poisoning & Chemical Treatment Services

Another service that we offer here at Proleaf is tree stump poisoning. Tree stump poisoning is not so common when it comes to stump removal however there are certain applications where It can be used. Chemical poisoning of a tree stump stops any regrowth occurring and kills off the tree stump and roots. It does not instantaneously remove or degrade the wood of a stump but can be a more economical option in some cases.

It is important that when using any form of chemical in the garden environment that careful consideration has been made before applying. We can advise on the best form of chemical stump treatment and the best application process for the surrounding plants and people. If you are looking for a tree stump poisoning expert in Melbourne, look no further and get in touch with us today.

Tree Stump Marked to prevent trip hazard

Before We Start Stump Poisoning

When we are tasked with a chemical stump treatment project there are some important factors for us to consider. Firstly, we look at the stump and assess whether we need to remove any epicormic shoots or suckers to open up some fresh wounds on the stump. This is an important step to making sure the chemicals are absorbed correctly. We may need to cut the height of the stump with a chainsaw to open up a clean, fresh wound to apply the treatment. All of our stump removal team are fully qualified for chemical application and chainsaw use following Safe Work Australia guidelines.

We will then carry out a full assessment of the worksite, taking into account any wildlife, pets or people that potentially could be affected by the works. We ensure to erect the correct warning signage if we are working in a public space as well as cordoning off the area when possible. When applying or working with any chemical products, our team use full personal protective equipment and the correct chemical handling processes. We also have electronic copies of Material Safety Data Sheets on site should they be needed in an emergency.

During our site assessment, another factor that we have to consider is the surrounding trees and vegetation. Commonly, tree root systems can be interlinked and applying poison or chemicals around other trees may have to be carried out very carefully. We are very cautious about overspray, overspill and chemical runoff.

When Do We Use Chemical Stump Treatment?

There are some situations in which physically removing a tree stump is not possible or it is more cost-effective to use chemical treatment. On work sites with many small stumps that just need to be killed off, chemical poisoning is sometimes the best option. Some vigorous tree species in Australia such as Casuarina can be poisoned to prevent the stump re-growing. Also, certain exotic species such as Poplar or Cherry trees can be poisoned to prevent any unwanted suckers growing.

The Cut Stump Method

Our main method for poisoning tree stumps is called “the cut stump method”. This involves us cutting the suckers or shoots off of the stump or cutting the stump down to expose fresh, live wood. This is an important step for the uptake of the herbicide stump killer. Depending on the site hazards we then either pour on the glyphosate or herbicide or paste the stump with a brush.

One important thing we also do when working in a public place is to use a coloured dye to highlight the fact that the stump has been treated. We are always very cautious not to spill or paste herbicide elsewhere on-site and this ensures the safety of people and other vegetation. In most cases, the stump will absorb the chemicals very quickly. We do recommend not to let pets or children near the treated stumps for at least 24 hours or longer if possible. All of our herbicide containers are marked clearly and are disposed of per Worksafe Victoria.

Bamboo Poisoning

Bamboo stumps, as well as other noxious weed species, can be an absolute nightmare to eradicate for a property owner. We do offer a Bamboo poisoning service as well as poisoning other noxious weeds such as Wild Ginger. We cannot always guarantee a 100% success rate hence why we recommend several visits to ensure an effective treatment. In most cases with Bamboo or noxious weeds, we recommend a chemical treatment before attempting stump grinding or stump grubbing. This ensures that the plant has been killed off before risking the spread of any particles. If not done correctly plant particles may regrow and spread further afield on the property.

When removing or disposing of any noxious weeds, we ensure these plants are either incinerated on-site or wrapped and taken to landfill. Stump grinding mulch from these species should not be used in and around the garden.

Care For The Environment

Before carrying out any chemical treatment, we have a responsibility to the environment to ensure no unnecessary runoff or herbicides can leach into food crops or waterways. We are very cautious when using chemicals to poison tree stumps and in some cases, we may not feel it is a suitable option. Although there are some environmentally friendly herbicides on the market, we still will conduct a full site assessment to make sure that our stump poisoning service will not have any knock-on effects in the environment. If you have any questions about stump poisoning or our commitment to the environment please contact us today.

Our Other Services

At Proleaf we offer several different types of stump removal. The type of machine and work methodology can vary greatly depending on the size of the stump(s), the size of the project, the access to the worksite and if underground utilities are present.

There are many reasons a stump may need to be removed and this also plays a part when deciding which machine or removal technique we will use. In most cases we will book in an appointment and provide a free written quotation on site.

Large stump grinder cutting wheel

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is our most common stump removal technique. We have several different size machines from a small pedestrian stump grinder to a large tracked diesel grinder. Our small pedestrian stump grinder is perfect for small stumps in backyards or hard to reach places, this machine can be lifted into place by hand if necessary. Our bigger machines are more suited to large stumps or work on construction sites.

Tree stump before grubbing

Stump Grubbing

In some cases, depending on the size of the stump(s) and the worksite, grubbing the stumps out or digging maybe the best option. If it is a large construction site, we can bring in one of our excavators on site to dig out stumps depending on the specifications of the job.There are some stumps that cannot be accessed by machine and are small enough to dig out by hand. It’s definitely not our first choice of work methodology but sometimes it’s needs must!

cheap small stump grinding Melbourne

Root Pruning

Similar to tree stumps, tree roots can be just as problematic. They may be impeding on construction projects, surfacing on lawns or be a tripping hazard. We offer a full root pruning service by qualified arborists. We can grind the roots with our root grinding machinery or dig them out depending on the desired results.

Arborist Climber removing an olive tree removal

Tree Removal

Unfortunately tree removal is sometimes necessary if a tree is diseased, dangerous or just too big for the space. Our expert team of climbing Arborists can remove any tree in any location, safely and efficiently. Whether you have a small or large tree that needs to be removed, our team can be of assistance.

arborists pruning tree service

Tree Pruning

Looking to get your trees trimmed, pruned and looking good? No problem. We always prefer to reccomend tree pruning over tree removal if its possible. Our team of qualified arborists can prune, shape or trim your trees to exactly the way they need to be. Big trees or small, we can do it all.