Our Tree Removal Services In Melbourne

Unfortunately, there are times when tree removal is necessary due to several reasons. The tree may need to be removed because it’s dangerous, diseased, or causing damage to the surrounding property. Some trees are simply just the wrong tree in the wrong place and there comes a time that tree removal is a more viable option versus tree pruning.

Often we are asked to carry out tree removals as part of larger projects such as concrete slab installation or development sites, we usually like to encourage tree replacement if there isn’t much vegetation on the property. Planting more suitable trees after removing others can be a nice way to offset the canopy loss on your property as well as doing your bit for the environment.

Tree Removal Process

After the tree for removal has been identified and our quote has been accepted by our client, we then proceed to measure the tree and check with the relevant local authority e.g Moreland Council or the City of Moonee Valley to determine whether a permit is required. If no permit is required then we will commence with scheduling the tree removal works.

At this point we then decide on how the tree removal will be carried out, there are three main ways we may choose to remove your tree. The first option depending on how large or how much space there is, may be able to safely remove your tree from the ground using tree felling techniques that our experienced Arborists use regularly. The second option that we may use to remove your tree is by using climbing and rigging techniques that involve one of our experienced/qualified climbing Arborists ascending into your tree using a rope and harness. The final method we may opt to use to cut your tree down safely is by using an EWP or cherry picker, this is largely dependent on access to the tree and if we have the space to bring large machinery into your property.

Our goal when carrying out any form of tree removal is to bring the tree down safely, efficiently, and with little to no disturbance to your property. We take ultimate care in not damaging any surrounding plants and infrastructure, as well as protecting your lawns from any damage too.

What Does a Tree Removal Cost in Melbourne?

One of the most common questions that we receive is “How much does it cost to remove my tree?”. The cost of tree removal is not always easy for us to calculate but here’s an insight into our thought process when quoting tree projects. Firstly, we’ll always make decisions based on size, the bigger the tree generally, the longer it’s going to take to remove. More debris removal means more time on site. The next thing we’ll look at is the access, how easy or difficult it for us is it to extract all of the branches and logs out of the location that the tree stands in, Are there steps? is there a tight gateway? Or is there a steep driveway for example? We’ll then look at the obstacles or infrastructure underneath the tree, does the tree overhang a house? do we need to cover a swimming pool to stop debris? Or what is of value underneath the tree that cannot be damaged?

Of course, this is just a brief insight as to what we are looking at when pricing tree removal jobs but the main factor is time. Everything mentioned in the above paragraph makes a difference as to how long it will take to remove a tree and this is ultimately how we determine the cost. The longer it takes the more money it will cost to remove.

Our Climbing Arborists

At Proleaf Pty Ltd, we are very lucky to employ some highly skilled Arborists that can take on some of the inner north’s most difficult trees. Our Climbing Arborists have worked all over the world including the west coast of Canada, the north and south island of New Zealand, the UK, and of course Australia. We pride ourselves in fostering a highly skilled, reliable, and qualified team of Arborists that can take on almost any tree removal that we come across. Tree climbing is a technical profession that requires years of training and experience to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

Our climbers use the latest tree climbing ropes and equipment to climb your trees as safely and efficiently as possible. It requires a high level of mental and physical skill to work in our profession, we’re lucky to have the team that we do.

The climbing techniques that we use have slowly been adapted from the rock climbing industry over the years and developed into the skills that we use every day. Using chainsaws whilst hanging from a rope and harness is not for the unskilled or untrained. Our team is proficient in accessing your trees without causing any damage to themselves, the tree, or the surrounding property. We conduct a complete visual tree assessment before entering the canopy as well as monitoring the condition of the tree whilst we are climbing any tree, not just removals.
two arborist climbers removing a large tree

Our Other Services

At Proleaf we offer several different types of stump removal. The type of machine and work methodology can vary greatly depending on the size of the stump(s), the size of the project, the access to the worksite and if underground utilities are present.

There are many reasons a stump may need to be removed and this also plays a part when deciding which machine or removal technique we will use. In most cases we will book in an appointment and provide a free written quotation on site.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is our most common stump removal technique. We have several different size machines from a small pedestrian stump grinder to a large tracked diesel grinder. Our small pedestrian stump grinder is perfect for small stumps in backyards or hard to reach places, this machine can be lifted into place by hand if necessary. Our bigger machines are more suited to large stumps or work on construction sites.

Tree stump before grubbing

Stump Grubbing

In some cases, depending on the size of the stump(s) and the worksite, grubbing the stumps out or digging maybe the best option. If it is a large construction site, we can bring in one of our excavators on site to dig out stumps depending on the specifications of the job.There are some stumps that cannot be accessed by machine and are small enough to dig out by hand. It’s definitely not our first choice of work methodology but sometimes it’s needs must!

Tree Stump Marked to prevent trip hazard

Stump Poisoning

Stump poisoning is not an effective way to remove stumps quickly however it will prevent trees or shrubs from regrowing after being cut to ground level. When poison is applied to a stump it will kill off the root system and slowly break it down over time. This can be a good option if the site is hard to access and there is no immediate need to remove the stump. We can provide this service and we are happy to provide free advice regarding tree stump poisoning.

cheap small stump grinding Melbourne

Root Pruning

Similar to tree stumps, tree roots can be just as problematic. They may be impeding on construction projects, surfacing on lawns or be a tripping hazard. We offer a full root pruning service by qualified arborists. We can grind the roots with our root grinding machinery or dig them out depending on the desired results.

arborists pruning tree service

Tree Pruning

Looking to get your trees trimmed, pruned and looking good? No problem. We always prefer to reccomend tree pruning over tree removal if its possible. Our team of qualified arborists can prune, shape or trim your trees to exactly the way they need to be. Big trees or small, we can do it all.