It’s a tight grind for this stump removal in Brunswick!

Tight access stump removal in front garden

When Andy from Canopy Tree Care called us for this stump grinding job in Brunswick, he knew it was a tight one! Luckily we have a small stump grinder on hand that is good for getting through tight gaps and working in tight spaces. Andy and his team had previously removed the trees and it was time for the stumps to go too! This enables Andy’s client to re-plant or landscape the garden bed in the future.

Working in these tight Victorian terrace front gardens is always a challenge, not only is it hard to move around, there is almost always underground pipes and cables that we have to locate before we carry out stump grinding at these Melbourne properties.

We commenced by digging and pulling out the steel tree stakes that were once used to support the trees as hitting these with the stump grinder wouldn’t be pretty! Once these were out, we mapped out the underground services by locating the water meter, gas meter and the telecommunications cable. We knew there was no underground power to worry about as the powerline ran overhead here. The only service that we needed to test dig for was the gas line, which we uncovered before firing up the grinder!

Oh, and we did find 4 lucky horseshoes whilst test digging! Sadly we didn’t get a photo of these but it’s a tiny garden to bury a horse!!!!

We ground the 2 tree stumps out completely, raked the site back to level and re-laid the bricks that we had to move to get the grinder into place! We think one of the stumps was a lemon tree but the other one we aren’t sure. If you have an idea let us know!

All in all a successful stump removal project in Brunswick for Andy, so thanks for the job mate!

Have a squizz at the photos!