Apparently trees eat rocks… Yes, rocks.

Here’s another one of our recent residential jobs that we have completed! This stump was an absolute beast! It was also raining cats and dogs!

The tree was cut down and removed by the homeowner a few years back and we were tasked with the job of removing the stump a few weeks back. Usually, we can cut the stump down to ground level before we use the stump grinder but it wasn’t possible in this situation.


Firstly, we traversed the very narrow gateway with our grinder. The gateway was measured at 90cm, our Rayco is 89cm, not much wiggle room!!! We told Rayco to breathe in for a moment….

We know you are curious about the rocks, so, it’s very common for trees to pick up rocks and grow around them over time. It is also very common for people to pick up rocks and place them in the forks or crotches of trees. No matter how they got there, chainsaws do NOT cut through rocks. Any chainsaw operator will feel our pain on this one. After blunting several chains, we had no choice but to think on our feet.

We battled through into the side of the stump and after a couple of hours, we managed to tame the beast! Phew! Sometimes old stumps like this can have all sorts of foreign objects such as nails, stones, metal posts etc. As we mentioned, chainsaws cannot cut through these objects however stump grinder teeth are a lot more robust. The teeth on a stump grinder are designed to hit a few rocks here and there.

Our client wished to keep all of the stump grinding mulch on-site.

It was definitely a bit of a grind this one, on to the next!